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The worldwide standard tool for imaging EDR data. Supports 18 automobile manufacturers (over 160 million registered vehicles)!

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Coming July 2018

CDR 900 Upgrade Kit

Crash Data Group is pleased to announce the latest addition to the Bosch CDR Tool – the CDR 900 Upgrade Kit! The CDR 900 upgrade kit is essential for the coming support of vehicle model years and EDR systems beginning this summer including the addition of new OEM vehicle support and General Motors active safety system event data readout.

Easily update your existing CDR Tool Kit

Existing CDR User’s can easily update their current CDR Tool Kit with the CDR 900. We offer various options for adding the latest equipment for the new technology requirements.

Current Bosch CDR Product Line

CDR Basic Tool Kit for EDR Data Retrieval

CDR Basic Tool Kit

The CDR Basic Kit is the entry level or what some call the “DLC” kit. It contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC retrieval of the EDR data. In simplest terms, this kit provides the minimum amount of hardware to access the EDR data from the OBDII port on the vehicle. The tool kit is considerably less expensive than the Deluxe or Premium due to the fact there are NO direct-to-module ACM cables or ACM adapters in this kit. You may purchase individual ACM/ROS/PCM cables and adapters when needed.

MSRP: $3,650

CDR Deluxe Tool Kit for EDR Data Retrieval

CDR Deluxe Tool Kit

The CDR Deluxe Kit is positioned between the CDR Basic Kit and the CDR Premium Kit. While it does not have all of the available CDR hardware as in the CDR Premium Kit, it supports a wide-range of vehicles you may encounter. The CDR Deluxe Kit includes everything in our CDR Basic Kit plus 35 direct-to-module (D2M) cables & adapters giving you a large coverage of supported vehicles. All of the equipment is provided in our Extra-Large hard shell case. The case holds all the Basic Kit components plus the included D2M (direct-to-module) cables & adapters with plenty of extra room for additional CDR expansion.

MSRP: $9,650

CDR Premium Tool Kit for EDR Data Retrieval

CDR Premium Tool Kit

The CDR Premium Kit is the most comprehensive CDR Tool Kit available. It includes every piece of  currently available CDR hardware. The CDR Premium Kit includes everything in our CDR Basic Kit plus all the hardware necessary to retrieve EDR data directly from the airbag control module, powertrain control module and roll over sensor module in addition to accessing the data via the OBDII (DLC) port. Currently there are over 75 additional cables and adapters included in the CDR Premium Kit.

MSRP: $18,500

Bosch CDR Software Subscription

CDR Software Subscription

Each new release of the CDR tool software includes new capabilities and functions enabling you to access EDR data from the supported vehicle list. As the capabilities in supported vehicles evolve, software updates may be required to enable communication with and correctly translate the EDR data. Included with the 1-year subscription are all new releases/updates/patches of the software to keep you current during your subscription period.

MSRP: $1,050 per year

CDR Basic Tool Kit for EDR Data Retrieval

CDR Custom Cases

Crash Data Group has contracted with a national company to produce hig-quality, rugged cases to customize and organize your equipment. We have many sizes available and can customize your need when preferred. We always stock the CDR Premium Kit case and the CDR Basic Kit case pictured above.


CDR Hardware Parts for the Bosch CDR Tool

CDR Hardware Parts

The Bosch CDR Tool consists on over 75 pieces of hardware. In this section you will all the individual hardware pieces that make of the CDR Premium Tool kit. We stock all the ACM cables, PCM cables, ROS cables, power supply, interface module, and adapters. Use this section to order any hardware or replacement pieces you may need.

CDR Inventory Check List

Bosch CDR inventory check list (PDF).

The Bosch CDR Tool product line is an ever-growing system of cables and adapters. Each year auto manufacturers introduce new vehicles into the market. Some use the same airbag control module as the previous year and some switch to a new or variation of the airbag control module. If the new airbag control module being installed (at the assembly line) requires a new cable to retrieve the EDR data, then Bosch will tool a new cable and make it available for purchase prior to that vehicle being offered for sale in the United States (per NHTSA regulation). This is the reason for multiple cables for the same auto manufacturer (i.e. Honda has 4 ACM cables available). As the number of cables and adapters have increased over the years, it has become necessary to keep an accurate account of your CDR Tool kit inventory. Crash Data Group provides an easy-to-use CDR inventory check list allowing you to record an accurate inventory of all the CDR Tool parts and accessories you currently own. It can also be used to order any parts or accessories you may not have.

The Inventory Check List is provided as a courtesy by Crash Data Group Inc. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. All MSRP pricing is set by Bosch Automotive Safety Solutions. For any questions contact Crash Data Group.

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval
Bosch CDR Inventory Checklist

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