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Which CDR Tool is Right For Me?

Crash Data Group now offers three entry levels for purchasing a Bosch CDR Tool kit.

Bosch CDR Tool Kit

When getting started in the Crash Data Retrieval business, you must first understand that this is an ever-expanding tool set. As auto manufacturers release new model year vehicles, they also have to coordinate with Bosch Automotive Service Solutions to assure the EDR data is accessible using the CDR Tool. Sometimes manufacturers can utilize an existing CDR cable to support a new model year vehicle; however, sometimes a new CDR cable has to be manufactured and added to the cable list. New vehicles may also require a new adapter or other piece of equipment to retrieve the crash data accurately. Crash Data Group has no control over new hardware or when it is released. We are simply here to make them available to you.

CDR Basic KitCDR Basic Kit

The CDR Basic Kit is the entry level or what some call the "DLC" kit. It contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC retrieval of the EDR data. In simplest terms, this kit provides the minimum amount of hardware to access the EDR data from the OBDII port on the vehicle. The tool kit is considerably less expensive than the Deluxe or Premium due to the fact there are NO direct-to-module ACM cables or ACM adapters in this kit. This kit is recommended for those who will typically retrieve data through the OBDII (DLC) port on the vehicle. You may purchase individual ACM/ROS/PCM cables and adapters when needed.

CDR Deluxe KitCDR Deluxe Kit

The CDR Deluxe Kit is positioned between the CDR Basic Kit and the CDR Premium Kit. While it does not have every available CDR accessory as in the CDR Premium Kit, it supports a wide-range of vehicles you may encounter. The CDR Deluxe Kit includes all the CDR hardware components of our CDR Basic Kit to perform vehicle imaging through the industry standard vehicle DLC port. In addition, it contains 35 direct-to-module (D2M) cables & adapters giving you a large coverage of supported vehicles. Crash Data Group utilizes the latest VIO (vehicle in operation) data to select appropriate cables & adapters for vehicles on the road in the USA & Canada based on vehicle population. All of the equipment is provided in our Extra-Large hard shell case. The case holds all the Basic Kit components plus the included D2M (direct-to-module) cables & adapters with plenty of extra room for additional CDR expansion.

CDR Premium KitCDR Premium Kit

The CDR Premium Kit includes all current CDR hardware available at the time of purchase. This kit provides everything you would receive in the Basic Kit but also contains all the hardware necessary to retrieve EDR data directly from the airbag control module if it is not possible to access the data via the OBDII (DLC) port. Currently there are over 75 additional cables and adapters included in the Premium Kit.

The Choice is Yours

  • Basic Kit: Imaging EDR data through DLC only
  • Deluxe Kit: DLC imaging plus a wide-range of ACM cables and adapters
  • Premium Kit: DLC imaging plus all available CDR direct-to-module hardware

Product Description





CDR DLC Tool Kit
Currently on Back-Order

CDR Deluxe Tool Kit

CDR Premium Tool Kit

CDR Software
1-year Subscription
Custom Hard Shell Cases
Custom DLC Case
Extra Large Case
DLC Components
Interface Module
AC Power Supply
USB-Serial Adapter
Cig. Lighter Adapter
PCM Adapter (black)
DLC Adapter (yellow)
DLC Adapter (black)
DLC Adapter (gray)
12-pin DLC Cable
Back Powering Rig
BMW ACM Cables
Cable #807 (FlexRay)
Cable #822 (FlexRay)
Cable #796
Cable #797
Cable #798
Daimler ACM Cables
Cable #800
Cable #801
Cable #809
Cable #820
FCA ACM Cables (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles)
Cable #226
Cable #227
Cable #228
Cable #385
Cable #453
Cable #516
Cable #546
Cable #598
Cable #710
Cable #785
Cable #802
Cable #808
Cable #819
Cable #3043
Cable #3274
Cable #222 (PCM)
Cable #223 (PCM)
Cable #224 (PCM)
Cable #225
Cable #382
Cable #383
Cable #384
Cable #597
Cable #783
Cable #823
GM ACM & ROS Cables
Cable #2828
Cable #2829
Cable #2888
Cable #3003
Cable #3004
Cable #3293
Cable #3320
Cable #3321
Cable #452
Cable #454
Cable #455 (ROS)
Honda ACM Cables
Cable #547
Cable #789
Cable #810
Cable #825
Karma ACM Cable
Cable #824
Mazda ACM Cables
Cable #778
Cable #779
Cable #792
Cable #811
Cable #812
Nissan ACM Cable
Cable #780
Suzuki ACM Cables
Cable #793
Cable #794
Cable #795
Toyota ACM Cables
Cable #613
Cable #614
Cable #615
Cable #616
Cable #617
Cable #827
Volkswagen Group ACM Cables
Cable #804
Cable #805
Cable #806
Cable #813 (FlexRay)
Volvo ACM Cables
Cable #799
Cable #816
ACM Adapters and Extension Cables
CDR 500
(FlexRay adapter)
Adapter #387 (grey)
Adapter #790 (yellow)
6 ft. extension cable

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All orders shipping to a valid Canadian address may be placed:

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  2. Checklist/Quote Form

Sorry, online ordering is not available for Canadian orders.

Please note: Canadian orders are responsible for any taxes, customs charges and/or duties. Those items are NOT included in the price.

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All orders are shipped via FedEx. When completing your order online, please select the method of shipping you prefer.

NOTE: Overnight and 2-day shipping requires the order be placed by 1:00 PM PST, Monday-Friday (excluding holidays) and the product is in stock. It is best to call to place an expedited shipping order. (800) 280-7940 x1

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