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 CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter and ACM Cables

The CDR 500 FlexRay adapter enables the CDR Tool to retrieve data directly from ECUs with a FlexRay communications network. This advanced technology is much different than traditional CAN or K-Line networks currently supported by the CDR Tool. This is an adapter to be used inconjunction with the current Bosch CDR Tool interface module and will be needed for certain direct to airbag control module (ACM) imaging.

CDR500 FlexRay  

CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter

CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter & Connection Cables OE FlexRay ACM Cables  1699200114
MSRP: $3,405.00

CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter Kit & ACM Cable Bundle:

  • CDR 500 FlexRay adapter kit
  • CDR 500 interface cable
  • CDR 500 6' USB cable
  • FlexRay ACM Cable ID# 807 (BMW)
  • FlexRay ACM Cable ID# 813 (Audi)
  • FlexRay ACM Cable ID# 822 (BMW)
  • Bosch nylon carrying case
  • CDR 500 Getting Started Guide

Release Version: Various 

CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter

MSRP: $2,700.00

CDR500 FlexRay Adapter Kit:

Release Version: 14.2
Part Number: 1699200114

NOTE: Does not include any of the FlexRay ACM cables

Individual FlexRay ACM Cables

BMW CDR FlexRay ACM Cable  807
MSRP: $225.00

VW CDR FlexRay ACM Cable  813
MSRP: $225.00

BMW CDR FlexRay ACM Cable  822
MSRP: $225.00

BMW CDR FlexRay ACM Cable
Cable ID #: 807
Part #:
Release Version:
Audi CDR FlexRay ACM Cable
Cable ID #: 813
Part #:
Release Version:
BMW CDR FlexRay ACM Cable
Cable ID #: 822
Part #:
Release Version:

All prices subject to change without notice.

What is FlexRay?

FlexRay is a high-speed communications bus providing capabilities for deterministic & fault tolerant data communications. FlexRay is capable of data rates 10 times higher than traditional CAN networks. FlexRay is used for time critical systems that require real-time data delivery, such as Drive-by-Wire, active suspension, adaptive cruise control system and other active and passive vehicle systems.

FlexRay communications protocol was introduced in production BMW vehicles starting in 2006 and is currently used in many Audi, BMW, MINI, Mercedes-Benz, Bentley and Rolls-Royce vehicles on the road today.

FlexRay is now being used for airbag EDR communication on select vehicles supported by the Bosch CDR Tool.

Does the CDR 500 adapter replace the current CDR interface module?

No! The CDR 500 is an adapter to be used in conjunction with the CDR interface module and applicable ACM cable/adapter. Please see the Help File section of the upcoming CDR software version which will require the use of the CDR 500 for direct-to-module downloads.

What type of EDR imaging will the CDR 500 adapter be required?

The CDR 500 adapter is required for direct-to-module imaging. It is not required for imaging through the DLC port.

How does the CDR 500 connect with the CDR Tool?

The CDR help file and on-screen prompts will provide instructions for when and how to connect the CDR 500. Below is a simple connection diagram for the CDR 500. The gray items in the diagram are not part of the CDR 500 Adapter kit.


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