Bosch CDR Basic Kit

Bosch CDR Basic Kit

Description: The CDR Basic Kit is the entry level or what some call the “DLC” kit. It contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC retrieval of the EDR data. In simplest terms, this kit provides the minimum amount of hardware to access the EDR data from the OBDII port on the vehicle. The tool kit is considerably less expensive than the Deluxe or Premium due to the fact there are NO direct-to-module ACM cables or ACM adapters in this kit. This kit is recommended for those who will typically retrieve data through the OBDII (DLC) port on the vehicle. You may purchase individual ACM/ROS/PCM cables and adapters when needed.

MSRP: $3,650 includes 1-year software subscription

Market: North America

Expedited Shipping: If placing an order that requires expedited shipping (2-day or overnight) you must have your order in by 1:00 PM PST.

CDR Basic Kit Components

  • CDR Interface Module
  • DLC Cable
  • DLC Cable (GM)
  • 2-piece Power Supply
  • Cigarette Power Adapter
  • DLC 1 Adapter
  • DLC 2 Adapter
  • DLC 3 Adapter
  • PCM Adapter
  • USB-to-serial Adapter
  • Back-power Kit
  • Custom Hard-shell Case

Video: How to image a vehicle with the Bosch CDR Basic Kit using the DLC method.

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