Bosch CDR 900

The Next Generation Crash Data Retrieval Tool

Coming soon for North America

Planned for release by Q1 2018

The Bosch CDR 900 is a high-performance vehicle communications interface to retrieve crash data stored in a vehicles event data recorder (EDR)
after a crash.

Introductory pricing starting below $4,000 USD

Check back for additional information as we receive it from Bosch, the manufacturer of the world standard tool to retrieve crash data from passenger vehicles, light trucks and SUVs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bosch CDR 900?

The Bosch CDR 900 is a high-performance Vehicle Communications Interface (VCI) device used to connect and communicate with many complex vehicle diagnostic networks through the OBD connector and communicate directly with vehicle electronic control modules (ECUs). When connected to a Windows-based personal computer running the Bosch CDR Tool software, the Bosch CDR 900 is used for retrieval of crash data stored in one or more vehicles ECUs such as airbag control modules and pedestrian protection ECUs. The Bosch CDR 900 employs the lastest technology for communications with vehicle networks supporting the latest vehicle communications protocols.

Will the Bosch CDR 900 replace the existing Bosch CDR CANplus Vehicle Interface Module? If so, when?
Yes, but not until sometime after 2019. In the meantime, the Bosch CDR Tool user will need to own both the Bosch CDR 900 and the Bosch CDR CANplus Module to access all vehicles listed in the CDR help file.

Bosch CDR 900 Crash Data

Why is the Bosch CDR 900 needed?
The Bosch CDR CANplus Module technology has been around for 17+ years with a hardware refresh occurring 12 years ago. Although the current CDR CANplus Module continues to be a reliable interface for retrieval of EDR data, new technologies cannot be supported in a refresh of the current hardware. New technologies include CAN FD, DoIP, faster communication speeds and  new PC interface technologies to name a few . To continue with the rapid evolution of EDR data collection, Bosch is moving forward with a new vehicle communications interface to handle these new technological demands.

Bosch CDR 900

Will the Bosch CDR 500 FlexRay Adapter still be required after the Bosch CDR 900 is released?
Yes. The Bosch CDR 500 FlexRay adapter is an “adapter” and not a vehicle interface module. Therfore, it will still be required for communications with FlexRay ACMs on certain vehicles as specified in the CDR help file.

Will the existing direct-to-module (D2M) cables work with the CDR 900?
Yes. There will be an adapter available allowing you to use your existing D2M cables with the CDR 900.

Will a new CDR software subscription be required for the Bosch CDR 900?
No. The current CDR software is planned to operate both with the current CANplus CDR interface and the CDR 900.

How do I order the Bosch CDR 900?
Crash Data Group will offer a pre-sale on the Bosch CDR 900 as soon as we get the “green-light” from Bosch Automotive Service Solutions. Currently, that date has not been set. The pre-sale promotion gives our CDR customers an opportunity to purchase the Bosch CDR 900 at a special promotional price during the introductory period, typically 30-45 days.

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