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CDR for Law Enforcement

CDR in Law EnforcementUsed by State, County, and Municipal Law Enforcement Agencies across the United States and Canada

Event Data Recorder (EDR) capabilities have become increasingly important in accident investigations because they store potentially important data that may be very useful in evaluating car crashes. EDR is a function of the vehicle's airbag control module (ACM). When certain conditions are met, the ACM may record data associated with sudden changes in direction and/or rotation (i.e. a crash).

Law Enforcement are typically first responders to an accident and have the best opportunity to retireve the crash data from the vehicle in question, reducing the possibility of not being able to retrieve the data at a later date. It is important for the investigating officer to get this data and be aware of its content before rendering an opinion or filing a report on the accident. It also better prepares the officer for potential criminal or civil litigation.

There are currently hundreds of law enforcement agencies using the Bosch CDR Tool to obtain valuable crash data during their investigation/reconstruction. With over 150 million registered vehicles supported, this has become an indispensable tool for traffic officers investigating traffic accidents.

Benefits of using the Bosch CDR Tool:

  • Clear the accident scene faster
  • Helps prepare an accurate police report
  • Obtain pertinent information about the crash
    • vehicle speed
    • delta-V
    • brake status
    • seat belt status
    • throttle position
    • steering
  • Proven track record of admissibility at trial
  • Validate witness statements
  • Validate opinions / assumptions
Bosch CDR Tool
The Bosch CDR Premium Tool
The essential tool for law enforcement.
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The Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System is a proven tool that allows law enforcement investigating vehicle crashes the opportunity to image crucial crash data parameters from a vehicle that has been in a crash. This crash data, which is stored in the vehicles airbag control module, may be used to make informed decisions about the crash based on the crash data "imaged" from the vehicle in question.

There is nothing to install, the event data recorder (EDR) functionality is already in most production vehicles today. Simply attach the correct CDR cable and image the vehicles crash data directly to your computer, then print a PDF version of the report. The Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System currently supports over 15 auto manufacturer lines.

Information Video

CDR Tool for Law Enforcement

VIDEO: This video highlights the application and justification for the Bosch CDR Tool and the collection of vehicle crash data for law enforcement. (Time 6:02)

DLC imaging of a 2006 Chevrolet Silverado

VIDEO: DLC Imaging of 2006 Chevrolet Silverado (Time 3:40)

How to CDR ACM benchtop download

VIDEO: How to: Direct-to-module Imaging, benchtop method (Time 5:19)

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