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Listed here are the other CDR parts that make up the Bosch CDR Tool. The CDR Interface Module is the main component of the CDR tool kit and is required for downloading EDR data from a vehicle. This CDR part is included in all of the CDR Tool kits offered on this site. If you need to order a replacement interface module, it is best to order from this page.

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CDR Interface Module

CDR Interface Module

Module ID #: 954
Part #: F00K108954
Release Year: 2014

MSRP: $1,600.00 USD

15-pin Extension Cable

2877 15-pin Extension Cable

Cable ID #: 2877
Part #: 02002877
Release Version: 1.0

MSRP: $100.00 USD

USB to Serial Cable

953 CDR USB to Serial Cable

Cable ID #: 953
Part #: F00K108953
Release Version: 16.3

MSRP: $60.00 USD

CDR Inventory Check List

Bosch CDR inventory check list (PDF).

The Bosch CDR Tool product line is an ever-growing system of cables and adapters. Each year auto manufacturers introduce new vehicles into the market. Some use the same airbag control module as the previous year and some switch to a new or variation of the airbag control module. If the new airbag control module being installed (at the assembly line) requires a new cable to retrieve the EDR data, then Bosch will tool a new cable and make it available for purchase prior to that vehicle being offered for sale in the United States (per NHTSA regulation). This is the reason for multiple cables for the same auto manufacturer (i.e. Honda has 4 ACM cables available). As the number of cables and adapters have increased over the years, it has become necessary to keep an accurate account of your CDR Tool kit inventory. Crash Data Group provides an easy-to-use CDR inventory check list allowing you to record an accurate inventory of all the CDR Tool parts and accessories you currently own. It can also be used to order any parts or accessories you may not have.

The Inventory Check List is provided as a courtesy by Crash Data Group Inc. Prices and availability subject to change without notice. All MSRP pricing is set by Bosch Automotive Safety Solutions. For any questions contact Crash Data Group.

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Bosch CDR Inventory Checklist

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