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Activating Your CDR Software

When the CDR software is first installed on your computer, it is configured as a CDR File Reader and must be activated to get access to all CDR program capabilities. Follow the steps below to turn on all CDR capabilities.

  1. Obtain a subscription to CDR Software
    To take advantage of all capabilities in the CDR software, users must have a current software subscription and your CDR File Reader must be activated.  Bosch sends emails to current subscribers informing them of new software versions and attaches Activation Certificates required for each new version for activation.

    If you are not a current subscriber and wish to purchase a subscription to CDR software, click here for further information.

  2. Log into your computer with administrator privileges or a user with privileges to install software
    If you need further information on user privileges you will need to refer to your Windows help information or contact your IT department for further instructions.

  3. Install the most recent version of CDR software
    If you have not done so already, install the most recent version of CDR software on your PC. You can find the latest software on this website.
    Download the software, unzip it and then run the setup.exe program to install it. Follow the prompts during the setup.

  4. Save your Activation Certificate to a folder on your computer
    If you are a current CDR software subscriber, your activation certificate will be attached to an email sent from The certificate will be good only for the version of software you are activating.

    Open the email from and save this certificate to a folder or thumb drive on the computer you are activating your software on. Note that you will need to remember where you saved this certificate because you will be asked to recall this location during activation of your software.

  5. Start CDR software program
    In order to activate your CDR program, you will need to start CDR program if it is not already running. The CDR program will have an Activate Button in the toolbar.

  6. Click on the Activate button in the CDR software toolbar
    The CDR program will have an Activate Button in the program's toolbar. Click on this button to begin the activation of the CDR software.

    After clicking on the Activate Button, a browse window will open which points at your Desktop folder as a default location. If you did not save the certificate on your desktop, browse to the folder you saved your certificate and select the certificate. Follow the prompts on the screen to complete your activation.

Once you have activated your CDR software, the Activate Button will disappear and the program will enable access to all capabilities of the CDR software program.

 NOTE: If you had a CDR file opened during the activation process, you will need close and then reopen the file so that all of the new capabilities are enabled.

IMPORTANT: The CDR program will allow you to activate CDR software on more PCs than your license is good for. It is up to the user or company to ensure legal compliance with the End User License Agreements which are agreed to during the installation and activation of the software.

Activation Certificate Details

The CDR software uses an Activation Certificate to "turn on" functions available only to subscribers. An Activation Certificate is needed for every new version of CDR software therefore, when a new software version becomes available, the Bosch License Manager system emails all current subscribers a new activation certificate along with installation instructions.

Activation Certificates are simple text files which include information described below. Although a certificate file can be changed using a text editor, it should not be because it will become unusable for future activations if the contents of the file are changed.

File Name of Activation Certificate

The file name of an Activation Certificate contains the following attributes which allow users to indentify the certificate and version it is associated for easy activation. See the graphic below for details.

CDR Activation Certificate Key

Save Your Activation Certificates

Bosch recommends that subscribers keep their Activation Certificates just in case they need to reinstall their software on a new machine or deactivate software on one machine and re-activate on another. Activation certificates can only be used for CDR software versions they are created. See the above graphic for details on the file naming convention so users can determine which version their certificate is intended.

IMPORTANT! once a new software version has been released and the Activation Certificates are generated, Bosch can no longer generate an Activation Certificate for an "older" version of the CDR software.

Free Version: CDR File Reader

CDR software is made available for download and installation as a CDR File Reader without requiring the purchase of an annual software subscription. The CDR File Reader allows you to open and read CDR files from your computer screen.

When the CDR software is first installed on your computer, it is configured by default as a CDR File Reader. This file reader allows you limited access to capabilities such as viewing CDR files on your computer screen. If you want to do more than view a CDR file, you will need to purchase a software subscription and activate the subscription, which turns on all capabilities of the CDR software.

View license agreement

Full Version: CDR Software

Unleash all capabilities of the CDR software by purchasing a CDR software subscription.  Once you become a subscriber, you will be sent an Activation Certificate each time a new release of CDR software becomes available during your subscription period.  The Activation Certificate is used to turn on all capabilities of the CDR software for each new version.

View license agreement

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