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NOTE: The Crash Data Group office will be closed May 23-26, 2016.
During that time we will not be able to re-send software activation certificates
or activate a new software subscription


Current CDR Software Version Download

Download Version 16.5

CDR File Reader Software

CDR software is made available for download and installation as a CDR File Reader without requiring the purchase of an annual software subscription. The CDR File Reader allows you to open and read CDR files from your computer screen.

When the CDR software is first installed on your computer, it is configured by default as a CDR File Reader. This file reader allows you limited access to capabilities such as viewing CDR files on your computer screen. If you want to do more than view a CDR file, you can purchase a software subscription which turns on all capabilities of the CDR software.

Full Functioning CDR Software

Unleash all capabilities of the CDR software by purchasing a CDR software subscription.  Once you become a subscriber, you will be sent an Activation Certificate each time a new release of CDR software becomes available during your subscription period.  The Activation Certificate is used to turn on all capabilities of the CDR software for each new version.

New Software Releases

Each new release of the CDR Tool software may include new capabilities and functions which enable you to access EDR data from the latest passenger cars, light trucks and SUVs. As the capabilities in supported vehicles evolve, software changes to your CDR Tool may be required in order to enable communication with and translate crash data from these vehicles. Bosch will send out new releases of software and Activation Certificates to current CDR subscribers as these changes are implemented and made available on the Crash Data Group website. If your subscription is nearing its expiration date, visit the Purchase/Renew section of the website to renew it so that you can take advantage of the latest additions and changes in the CDR Software when they become available.


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