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When Crash Data Group announces new products, there is typically a “promotional” period where you can purchase at a discounted price. Below you will find all the current new product releases and any specials.

Bosch CDR900 EDR Tool

Bosch CDR 900 Vehicle Interface Module

Bosch has released the CDR 900 upgrade kit. This is an upgrade to the existing Bosch CDR Tool kit.

Introductory price: $3,400.00 a savings of $400.00. For a limited time.

> for complete information and ordering, visit the CDR 900 webpage.

Bosch CDR Pro Tool Kit

New: CDR Pro Tool Kit

The CDR Pro Tool Kit is the heart and soul of the Bosch CDR Tool. This package contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC/OBD retrieval of EDR data in Bosch supported vehicles. It includes both the CDR 900 and CANplus vehicle interface modules. This package also comes with a 1-year CDR software subscription.

MSRP: $7,100.00

> for complete information and ordering, visit the CDR Pro Tool Kit page.

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