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Bosch CDR Pro Tool Kit

The CDR Pro Tool Kit is the heart and soul of the Bosch CDR Tool. This package contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC/OBD retrieval of EDR data in Bosch supported vehicles. It includes both the CDR 900 and CANplus vehicle interface modules. This package also comes with a 1-year CDR software subscription. NOTE: this package does NOT contain any hardware to perform a “direct-to-module (D2M)” retrieval of EDR data. Please see the Bosch CDR Tool Kit Configurations Page for more CDR Tool Kit options.

  • CDR 900 vehicle interface module
  • CDR 900 power cable
  • CDR 900/CDR CANplus power supply cable
  • CDR 900/CDR CANplus CDR cigarette power adapter
  • CDR 900 DLC/OBD cable
  • CDR 900 wireless dongles (2)
  • CDR 900 extension cable
  • CDR 900 legacy cable adapter
  • CDR 900 USB cable
  • CDR CANplus vehicle interface module
  • CDR CANplus DLC/OBD cable
  • CDR CANplus GM DLC/OBD cable
  • CDR CANplus DLC/OBD adapters (3)
  • CDR CANplus PCM adapter
  • CDR CANplus USB to Serial port cable
  • Deluxe repowering rig
  • 1-year CDR software subscription
  • Custom carrying case
  • Coupon for FREE online class: How to Use the Bosch CDR Tool
  • Coupon for FREE listing: The Crash Hub

Other Bosch CDR Tool Kit Configurations

Bosch CDR Tool Kit

CDR Pro-Bronze Kit
MSRP: $14,700.00 USD

Bosch CDR Tool Kit

CDR Pro-Silver Kit
MSRP: $19,100.00 USD

Bosch CDR Tool Kit

CDR Pro-Gold Kit
MSRP: $24,100.00 USD

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