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Discontinued Bosch CDR Cables / Adapters

Twenty-one years ago, Bosch introduced the Bosch CDR Tool to the Accident Reconstruction community. What began with only a few auto manufacturers and a handful of cables and adapters, the CDR Tool has grown to support over 20 manufacturers (50+ brands) and over 100 cables and adapters. It is only going to grow from here as more technology is integrated in new vehicles.

With all of that being said, Bosch has made the decision to discontinue some of the older CDR cables and adapters. The vehicles are still supported by the CDR software, but the cost to continue to produce and stock these older CDR parts is no longer cost effective. Bosch would rather use all available resources for new cables and CDR technology.

The CDR cables and adapters listed below have all been marked as “end-of-life” and Bosch will no longer manufacture these parts. Crash Data Group has purchased all of the “end-of-life” CDR cables and adapters and are able to offer them one last time (some at a deep discount!).

If you are missing any of the CDR parts listed below, now is your last chance to purchase them and make them part of your CDR Tool kit. There is a limited quantity (some very limited) and once they are all sold, they will not be available for purchase any longer.

We are excited for what the future brings for the CDR product line!

IMPORTANT: Please review our shipping, returns and ordering information prior to placing your order.

Note, these discontinued CDR cables and adapters MUST be purchased online with a credit card from our website.
We will not issue a quotation or invoice for these parts due to their limited availability.

Item Platform MFG Part # CDG Part # MSRP Sale Price
Ford PCM 3-Cable Bundle Bosch CDR various 222, 223, and 224 $660.00 US $300.00 US
ACM 4-Cable Bundle Bosch CDR various 382, 2828, 452, and 455 $880.00 US $400.00 US
OBD/DLC Cables
12-pin DLC/OBD Cable (GM) Bosch CDR 02003090 3090 $165.00 US $100.00 US
PCM Adapter (black) Bosch CDR F00K108221 221 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
GM Power Booster Adapter Bosch CDR 02003108 3108 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – FCA
FCA ACM Cable 226 Bosch CDR F00K108226 226 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
FCA ACM Cable 227 Bosch CDR F00K108227 227 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 3043 Bosch CDR 02003043 3043 $220.00 US $220.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 3274 Bosch CDR 02003274 3274 $220.00 US $220.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 222 Bosch CDR F00K108222 222 $220.00 US $150.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 223 Bosch CDR F00K108223 223 $220.00 US $150.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 224 Bosch CDR F00K108224 224 $220.00 US $150.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 225 Bosch CDR F00K108225 225 $220.00 US $220.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 382 Bosch CDR F00K108382 382 $220.00 US $150.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 383 Bosch CDR F00K108383 383 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors
General Motors ACM Cable 2828 Bosch CDR 02002828 2828 $220.00 US $150.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 2829 Bosch CDR 02002829 2829 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 2888 Bosch CDR 02002888 2888 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3002 Bosch CDR 02003002 3002 $220.00 US $150.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3003 Bosch CDR 02003003 3003 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3004 Bosch CDR 02003004 3004 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3293 Bosch CDR 02003293 3293 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
General Motors ACM Cable 3320 Bosch CDR 02003320 3320 $220.00 US $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3321 Bosch CDR 02003321 3321 SOLD OUT SOLD OUT
General Motors ACM Cable 452 Bosch CDR F00K108452 452 $220.00 US $150.00 US
General Motors ROS Cable 455 Bosch CDR F00K108455 455 $220.00 US $150.00 US
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