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CDR Tool Applications for the Insurance Professional

A three-day course for the insurance and fleet management industry

The growing variety of vehicle makes and models supported for data retrieval using the Bosch CDR Tool have caught the attention of insurance professionals who have come to embrace the technology as a valuable and important resource in claims investigation at virtually every level of the claims process from property damage assessment to SIU investigations as well as fleet risk management roles.  Collision Safety understands that claims management is no longer simply a cost center, but a division that can save money for the company in the longer term.  Effectively employing objective crash data in the claims process means faster, more efficient, and cost effective claims management.

The Collision Safety Institute has developed a comprehensive approach to Crash Data Retrieval training for the insurance professional suited for a range of applications from property damage assessment to the SIU unit applications.  Blending our knowledge and experience based on years of developing industry-specific CDR training together with and litigation experience in criminal as well as civil cases against the background of the longest standing CDR Tool training program anywhere, the Collision Safety Institute with a proven track record of unparalleled CDR research and training and our cadre of Trainer Mentors have become the unrivaled go-to resource for Crash Data Retrieval Tool training.

The core course addresses the “how to use the CDR Tool” component with lecture and direct hands-on activities focusing on in-car data retrieval.  Examples of claims applications are then offered to illustrate the number and type of claims scenarios in which CDR Tool retrieved data might be used.  Finally, data retrieved by those in attendance is used to evaluate how that data might have been useful in the claims process.

This unique three day core Crash Data Retrieval Tool Applications course has already been offered literally coast-to-coast to insurance professionals working in claims investigation roles with companies both large and small. Universally, a review of the results have demonstrated the value of CDR Tool data when properly applied.  Beyond the core training, extended and follow-on support is a part of Collision Safety Institute’s dedication to our end user’s success.

CDR Tool applications include:

  • Property damage assessment/evaluation
  • “Hit while parked, unoccupied” claims
  • Fraud investigations
  • Injury evaluation
  • An invaluable liability assessment tool!

Bosch Crash Data Retrieval

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Instructor: Rusty Haight, Collision Safety Institute

The Crash Academy offers an indoor, hands-on working lab located at our facility. Practice using your CDR skills for in-car DLC downloading, in-car D2M downloading and benchtop D2M downloading.

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