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Level 2:
Crash Data Applications to Insurance Claims Investigations

A three-day course for the insurance and fleet management industry

Prerequisite: Crash Data Retrieval Tool Applications for the Insurance Professional

The “Crash Data Application to Insurance Claims Investigations” course is three full days of data-to-claims examples as a follow up to the “Crash Data Retrieval Tool Applications for the Insurance Professional” course.  One must have completed the  hands on “Crash Data Retrieval Tool Applications for the Insurance Professional” course first to attend this more in-depth course designed to expose the claims investigator to various aspects of reading and interpreting data against a claims scenario such that they might better know when to make affirmative decisions or contact – in a cost efficient way – a vendor who might be in a better position to do an even more in-depth reconstruction level analysis of the data and claims information.

After the  hands on “Crash Data Retrieval Tool Applications for the Insurance Professional” course, many have had an opportunity to apply the data to claims and have found, almost universally, that interpreting and applying the that retrieved data isn’t always so easy as simply ‘reading a report.”  This course is designed to take the claims investigator who already knows how to use the CDR Tool and has a basic understanding of the CDR Tool report layout through a more detailed reading and understanding of the reports, the nuances of the various manufacturer’s data and data elements and then being able to “make sense” of the data against claims information.

Based on real claims files and associated crash data, this course gives those who already know how to get the data using retrieved data the advantage of being able to apply it in real-world scenarios toward a more efficient and effective claims decision.

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    NOTE: The September 16-18, 2019 course has been cancelled.

    Date: September 16-18, 2019
    Rusty Haight, Collision Safety Institute
    Cost: $550.00 per person
    Class: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)
    Location: 42206 Remington Ave, Temecula, CA, 92590

    The Crash Academy offers an indoor, hands-on working lab located at our facility. Practice using your CDR skills for in-car DLC downloading, in-car D2M downloading and benchtop D2M downloading.

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