EDR Retrieval Hardware Kit for Tesla Vehicles

Introducing the EDR Retrieval Hardware Kit for Tesla vehicles. This kit contains all the hardware required to download the Event Data Recorder (EDR) data that may be stored in Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles.

MSRP: $995.00 USD – Now on Pre-sale for $795.00 USD

Software required to use the hardware is available for free from Tesla at edr.tesla.com

Place your order by May 7, 2018 and save $200.00 off MSRP. Expected ship date is May 2018.

The EDR Retrieval Kit supports

All Tesla Model S, Tesla Model X, and Tesla Model 3’s.

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The Tesla EDR Retrieval Program and Tesla EDR Report Service are designed for vehicles configured for the North American market region only.
Report elements found in this report may not have not been validated for vehicles configured for regions outside of North America

This is not a Bosch product and does not work in conjuction with the Bosch CDR Tool.

The EDR Retrieval Hardare Kit for Tesla Includes

  • TIV-144: In-vehicle cable for Tesla Model S and Model X
  • TIV-145: In-vehicle cable for Tesla Model S (legacy)
  • TIV-996: In-vehicle cable for Tesla Model 3
  • TD2M-601: Direct-to-module cable for Tesla Model X and 3
  • TD2M-602: Direct-to-module cable for Tesla Model S
  • Power: AC Power supply unit (110v-240v, USA style, 2-prong plug)
  • TPCAN: PCAN-USB adapter
  • CASE: Hard-shell protective carrying case
Individual photos of cables and parts coming soon.

Accessing the EDR Data

To access EDR data from a Tesla vehicle you’ll need a Windows computer, the EDR Retrieval Harware Kit, the Tesla EDR retrieval program and a MyTesla account

Report Service

Tesla currently provides a free online service at edr.tesla.com where users can generate reports from retrieved EDR data files. After registering at edr.tesla.com, the user may upload EDR data files from their computer and generate reports in a PDF format. These reports contain important information regarding data polarity, application limitations, and other data limitations that should be reviewed carefully by the user in the context of the facts of a given event.

Data Retrieval

EDR Data can be retrieved from all Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles. Tesla Roadster, which was produced from 2008 to 2012, is equipped with a RCM but does not have an EDR.

Accessing and retrieving data requires connecting to and powering the vehicle’s RCM. There are two methods for accessing and retrieving recorded data from the RCM:

  • In-vehicle retrieval: requires that the vehicle is capable of providing 12 V DC power to the RCM and that the CAN connection between the CAN connector and the RCM is intact. Unless both of these conditions can be satisfied, direct-to-module retrieval is required.
  • Direct-to-module retrieval: In the Model X and the Model 3, the vehicle’s RCM is located on the floor of the passenger compartment, under the center console and between the seats. In the Model S, the vehicle’s RCM is located on the floor of the passenger compartment, under the center screen.
For Model S and Model X in-vehicle retrieval, the CAN connector is located behind a trim panel under the vehicle’s center touchscreen.

Guides for Retrieving EDR Data from Tesla Vehicles

  • Tesla Model S – PDF Guide download (coming soon)
  • Tesla Model X – PDF Guide download (coming soon)
  • Tesla Model 3 – PDF Guide download (coming soon)

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