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For the first time ever, Bosch is giving an instant rebate on two of their essential products; the CDR Pro Kit and the CDR 900 Upgrade Kit. Another first, Bosch has revealed all new cable releases through the end of 2019 with an option to order now. The “Specials Page” contains all the information regarding this Year End Special Event.

Year End Sales Ends December 20, 2019








Helping you understand the crash

Vehicle Crash Data


Vehicle crash data is data that may be stored in the vehicle’s safety system after a crash. It is one of the most important pieces of evidence to be collected and evaluated as part of a vehicle crash investigation. The crash data is unbiased, proven, accurate and defensible. When examined along with other available physical evidence from the crash, the vehicle crash data can provide a much clearer understanding of what happened before, during and after the crash.

Whether you are working with insurance, law enforcement or private practice reconstruction, the vehicle’s crash data can assist in your accident reconstruction and help you to better understand many of the elements that may have led up to the crash, including vehicle speed, seat belt status, steering input, delta-v, any many other data parameters as recorded by the vehicle in question.

Crash Data Group, Inc. is the North American product distributor of vehicle crash data tools and software dedicated to assisting those who investigate automobile accidents stay current with the ever-evolving and emerging automotive technologies, crash data acquisition and research studies. We also publish a bi-annual technical magazine – Collision – containing the newest crash research and articles.

Bosch CDR 900

The essential upgrade kit for the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool kit.

Bosch CDR Pro Kit

Helping you understand the crash.

The CDR Pro Tool Kit is the heart and soul of the Bosch CDR Tool. This package contains all of the hardware required to perform a DLC/OBD retrieval of EDR data in Bosch supported vehicles.

Tesla EDR Hardware Kit

EDR Hardware Kit for Tesla Vehicles

The EDR Retrieval Hardware Kit for Tesla vehicles is now available for the North American market. This kit contains all the hardware required to download the Event Data Recorder (EDR) data that may be stored in Tesla Model 3, Model S and Model X vehicles.

Why do law enforcement agencies worldwide depend on this tool?

Independent market research has proven EDR data to be one of the most reliable sources of evidence for vehicle crash investigations.

Do you investigate fraudulent claims?

This tool makes exposing insurance fraud a lot easier! You can easily validate witness claim statements and physical evidence to the vehicle safety systems reported. The most accurate way to evaluate liability and shorten the claim cycle.

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Helping you understand the crash

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