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Bosch CDR Vehicle Lookup: v19.5.1

NOTE: On September 15, 2020 we added new entries to the CDR Vehicle Lookup which were added with the 19.5.1 CDR software (patch) update.

This database search application was developed to give you a quick look to see if a certain vehicles are supported by the Bosch CDR Tool without the need to download software. This is NOT a replacement for the CDR Help File. Although we try to be as complete and accurate as possible, we do not guarantee that every vehicle in this database is accurately represented. Always check the CDR Help File prior to your vehicle inspection for any special notes, adapters, and other particulars.

The following vehicle makes are not supported in this database but may be supported using other EDR Tools: Hyundai, Kia, Genesis, Jaguar, Land Rover, Ferarri

CDR Supported Vehicle Lookup

NOTE: TESLA vehicles are included in this database but require the Tesla EDR Kit for EDR data downloading. 

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D2M Cable and Module Lookup

To use this search form, simply enter the 3-digit D2M (Direct-to-module) cable ID number. You can also search by vehicle module (ACM, ASCM, PCM or ROS).

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Bosch CDR Pro Tool

Bosch CDR Pro Tool Kit

The CDR Pro Tool Kit is the heart and soul of the Bosch CDR Tool. This package contains all hardware required to perform a DLC/OBD retrieval of EDR data in Bosch supported vehicles. It includes both the CDR 900 and CANplus vehicle interface modules. A 1-year CDR software subscription is also included.


As mentioned above, this does not replace the Bosch CDR Help File. This should be used to determine if a certain vehicle is supported by the Bosch CDR Tool. It can also be used to lookup specific direct-to-module cables to see the vehicles certain cables support and to purchase the needed cable.

This web application may not give you all the information you need to perform a vehicle EDR data download. Many of the supported vehicles have special notes and anomolies that are covered in the CDR Help File.

A few things to remember:

  •  When using the CDR900 Interface Module, you do not need to use ACM or DLC adapters. However, you will need to use the CDR500 Flexray Adapter when stated.
  • There is a specific OBD/DLC cable for use with the CANplus Interface module (287) and a specific OBD/DLC cable for use with the CDR900 Interface module (1699200615).
  • Toyota, Lexus and Scion vehicles have many different cable and adapter combinations. Be sure to check the CDR Help File BEFORE going to the vehicle inspection.
  • The GM ASCM (Active Safety Control Module) is exclusive to the CDR900 Interface Module. You cannot download these vehicle modules using the CANplus Interface module.
  • Subaru and Mitsubishi are exclusive to the CDR900 Interface Module. You cannot download these vehicles using the CANplus Interface module.
  • D2M is an acronym for Direct-to-module, meaning you connect directly to the vehicle system module and NOT through the OBD/DLC port.
  • There is a “download” and “print” function that allows you to get a PDF of the search results.
  • We will be updating this database with each Bosch Software version release. Please reference the “title” of this page to determine the last updated version of this database.

About Tesla Vehicles

Tesla EDR Hardware Kit


Tesla vehicles are not supported by the Bosch CDR Tool; however, Crash Data Group sells the Tesla EDR Kit so we have included the Tesla EDR Kit supported vehicles in this database.

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The Crash Hub - Find an EDR Tool Expert

The Crash Hub is a specialized, global online directory of vehicle accident reconstruction experts. This expert directory allows the user to search for accident reconstruction experts covering a variety of specialties including EDR experts using the Bosch CDR Tool, the Telsa EDR Tool, the Hyundai EDR Tool and the Kia EDR Tool.

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