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Vehicle Crash Data Product Catalog

Crash Data Group offers a wide range of products that support the Bosch CDR Tool and the EDR Retrieval Kit for Tesla vehicles. Use the product catalog table below to locate any of our current products from vehicle crash data tool kits to individual parts and accessories. You can also RENEW your CDR Software subscription from this page. Click the item title to view that item or click the price to add it directly to the shopping cart. This price list represents all products sold in North America. It also includes Crash Data Group product bundles, training classes, and 3rd party products that work with the vehicle crash data tool kits. Please visit the support page for distributors outside of North America.

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Item Platform MFG Part # CDG Part # MSRP
Bosch CDR Software Subscription  New and Renewals Bosch CDR F00E900038 F00E900038 $1,050.00/year US
Tesla EDR Retrieval Software Tesla EDR N/A N/A FREE
Online Class: How To Use the Bosch CDR Tool Bosch CDR N/A TRAIN $149.00/user US
Class: CDR Tool Applications for Insurance Bosch CDR N/A TRAIN $425.00/seat US
Vehicle Crash Data Tool Kits
Bosch CDR Pro Tool Kit w/software Bosch CDR N/A CDR-PRO $7,100.00 US
Bosch CDR Bronze Cable Bundle Bosch CDR N/A CDR-BRONZE $7,600.00 US
Bosch CDR Silver Cable Bundle Bosch CDR N/A CDR-SILVER $11,600.00 US
Bosch CDR Gold Cable Bundle Bosch CDR N/A CDR-GOLD $15,000.00 US
EDR Retrieval Kit for Tesla Vehicles Tesla EDR N/A TEDR $995.00 US
Custom Cases
Black, Hard-shell Extra Large Case Any N/A CASE-XL $399.00 US
Green, Hard-shell Custom Case for Bosch CDR Pro Kit Bosch N/A CASE-PRO $200.00 US
Red, Hard-shell Case for Tesla EDR Kit Any N/A CASE:TESLA $89.00 US
Vehicle Interface Modules
CANplus Interface Module Bosch CDR F00K108954 954 $1,600.00 US
CDR 900 Upgrade Kit Bosch CDR N/A CDR-900K $3,800.00 US
CDR 900 Upgrade Kit w/Case Bosch CDR N/A CDR-900K $4,000.00 US
OBD/DLC Cables
DLC/OBDII DLC Cable Bosch CDR F00K108287 287 $165.00 US
12-pin DLC/OBD Cable (GM) Bosch CDR 02003090 3090 $165.00 US
ACM FlexRay Adapter (CDR 500) Bosch CDR 1699200114 CDR-500 $2,700.00 US
ACM Adapter (grey) Bosch CDR F00K108387 387 $250.00 US
ACK Adapter (yellow) Bosch CDR F00K108790 790 $400.00 US
PCM Adapter (black) Bosch CDR F00K108221 221 $250.00 US
DLC Adapter (yellow) Bosch CDR F00K108709 709 $60.00 US
DLC Adapter (black) Bosch CDR F00K108784 784 $60.00 US
DLC Adapter (gray) Bosch CDR 1699200369 DLC3 $60.00 US
PCM Adapter (black) Bosch CDR F00K108221 221 $250.00 US
AC Power Supply Bosch CDR F00E900104 CDR-POWER $100.00 US
Cigarette Power Adapter Bosch CDR 03001070 1070 $50.00 US
CDR Re-powering Rig KEBA N/A CDR-BP $60.00 US
Miscellaneous Parts
6 ft. Extension Cable Bosch CDR 02002877 2877 $100.00 US
USB-Serial Adapter Bosch CDR F00K108953 953 $60.00 US

Direct-to-module Cables by Vehicle Brand


Item Platform MFG Part # CDG Part # MSRP
BMW (BMW, MINI, Rolls-Royce)
BMW ACM Cable 796 Bosch CDR F00K108796 796 $165.00 US
BMW ACM Cable 797 Bosch CDR F00K108797 797 $165.00 US
BMW ACM Cable 798 Bosch CDR F00K108798 798 $165.00 US
BMW ACM Cable 807 (FlexRay) Bosch CDR F00K108788 807 $225.00 US
BMW ACM Cable 822  (FlexRay) Bosch CDR 1699200383 822 $225.00 US
Daimler (Mercedes-Benz, Freightliner, smart)
Daimler ACM Cable 800 Bosch CDR F00K108800 800 $165.00 US
Daimler ACM Cable 801 Bosch CDR F00K108801 801 $165.00 US
Daimler ACM Cable 809 Bosch CDR 1699200125 809 $165.00 US
Daimler ACM Cable 820 Bosch CDR 1699200364 820 $165.00 US
Daimler ACM Cable 832 Bosch CDR 1699200697 832 $165.00 US
Fiat Chrysler Automobiles – FCA (Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Maserati, RAM, SRT, Sterling)
FCA ACM Cable 226 Bosch CDR F00K108226 226 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 227 Bosch CDR F00K108227 227 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 228 Bosch CDR F00K108228 228 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 385 Bosch CDR F00K108385 385 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 453 Bosch CDR F00K108453 453 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 516 Bosch CDR F00K108516 516 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 546 Bosch CDR F00K108546 546 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 598 Bosch CDR F00K108598 598 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 710 Bosch CDR F00K108710 710 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 785 Bosch CDR F00K108785 785 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 802 Bosch CDR F00K108802 802 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 808 Bosch CDR F00K108787 808 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 819 Bosch CDR 1699200264 819 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 821 Bosch CDR 1699200365 821 $165.00 US
FCA ACM Cable 829 Bosch CDR 1699200618 829 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury)
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 3043 Bosch CDR 02003043 3043 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 3274 Bosch CDR 02003274 3274 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 222 Bosch CDR F00K108222 222 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 223 Bosch CDR F00K108223 223 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company PCM Cable 224 Bosch CDR F00K108224 224 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 225 Bosch CDR F00K108225 225 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 382 Bosch CDR F00K108382 382 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 383 Bosch CDR F00K108383 383 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 384 Bosch CDR F00K108384 384 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 597 Bosch CDR F00K108597 597 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 783 Bosch CDR F00K108783 783 $165.00 US
Ford Motor Company ACM Cable 823 Bosch CDR 1699200428 823 $165.00 US
General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Geo, Hummer, Isuzu, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, SAAB, Saturn)
General Motors ACM Cable 2828 Bosch CDR 02002828 2828 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 2829 Bosch CDR 02002829 2829 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 2888 Bosch CDR 02002888 2888 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3003 Bosch CDR 02003003 3003 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3004 Bosch CDR 02003004 3004 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3293 Bosch CDR 02003293 3293 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3320 Bosch CDR 02003320 3320 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 3321 Bosch CDR 02003321 3321 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 452 Bosch CDR F00K108452 452 $165.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 454 Bosch CDR F00K108454 454 $165.00 US
General Motors ROS Cable 455 Bosch CDR F00K108455 455 $165.00 US
General Motors ASCM Cable 833 Bosch CDR 1699200776 833 $220.00 US
General Motors ASCM Cable 834 Bosch CDR 1699200777 834 $220.00 US
General Motors ACM Cable 845 Bosch CDR 1699200838 845 $220.00 US
Honda Motor Company (Acura, Honda)
Honda ACM Cable 547 Bosch CDR F00K108547 547 $165.00 US
Honda ACM Cable 789 Bosch CDR F00K108789 789 $165.00 US
Honda ACM Cable 810 Bosch CDR 1699200126 810 $165.00 US
Honda ACM Cable 825 Bosch CDR 1699200466 825 $165.00 US
Karma Automotive
Karma ACM Cable 824 Bosch CDR 1699200440 824 $225.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 778 Bosch CDR F00K108778 778 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 779 Bosch CDR F00K108779 779 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 792 Bosch CDR F00K108792 792 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 811 Bosch CDR 1699200127 811 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 812 Bosch CDR 1699200128 812 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 831 Bosch CDR 1699200696 831 $165.00 US
Mazda ACM Cable 843 Bosch CDR 1699200800 843 $220.00 US
Mitsubishi ACM Cable 837 Bosch CDR 1699200783 837 $220.00 US
Mitsubishi ACM Cable 838 Bosch CDR 1699200784 838 $220.00 US
Mitsubishi ACM Cable 839 Bosch CDR 1699200785 839 $220.00 US
Nissan (Infiniti, Nissan)
Nissan ACM Cable 780 Bosch CDR F00K108780 780 $165.00 US
Nissan ACM Cable 828 Bosch CDR 1699200596 828 $165.00 US
Subaru ACM Cable 835 Bosch CDR (900) 1699200778 835 $220.00 US
Subaru ACM Cable 836 Bosch CDR (900) 1699200779 836 $220.00 US
Suzuki ACM Cable 793 Bosch CDR F00K108793 793 $165.00 US
Suzuki ACM Cable 794 Bosch CDR F00K108794 794 $165.00 US
Suzuki ACM Cable 795 Bosch CDR F00K108795 795 $165.00 US
Toyota Motor Corporation (Lexus, Scion, Toyota)
Toyota ACM Cable 613 Bosch CDR F00K108613 613 $165.00 US
Toyota ACM Cable 614 Bosch CDR F00K108614 614 $165.00 US
Toyota ACM Cable 615 Bosch CDR F00K108615 615 $165.00 US
Toyota ACM Cable 616 Bosch CDR F00K108616 616 $165.00 US
Toyota ACM Cable 617 Bosch CDR F00K108617 617 $165.00 US
Toyota ACM Cable 827 Bosch CDR 1699200559 827 $165.00 US
Volkswagen Group (Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Pagani, Volkswagen)
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 804 Bosch CDR F00K108781 804 $165.00 US
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 805 Bosch CDR F00K108782 805 $165.00 US
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 806 Bosch CDR F00K108786 806 $165.00 US
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 813 (FlexRay) Bosch CDR 1699200129 813 $225.00 US
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 826 (FlexRay) Bosch CDR 1699200553 826 $225.00 US
Volkswagen Group ACM Cable 842 Bosch CDR 1699200797 842 $220.00 US
Volvo ACM Cable 799 Bosch CDR F00K108799 799 $165.00 US
Volvo ACM Cable 816 Bosch CDR 1699200261 816 $165.00 US
Volvo ACM Cable 830 (FlexRay) Bosch CDR 1699200261 830 $225.00 US

Purchase Orders

Crash Data Group accepts Purchase Orders from government agencies for both hardware and software orders. There is $500.00 minimum threshold for all Purchase Orders. Any order under $500.00 must be purchased online with a credit card. In addition, all purchase orders need to have the purchase terms as NET 30. Crash Data Group ships all orders from California. We charge a shipping and handling fee for all orders. All Purchase Orders must allow for and accept a line item for shipping and handling.

Purchase Orders must include the correct vendor information:

Crash Data Group Inc
PO Box 892885
Temecula, CA 92589

Incorrect vendor information will delay the processing of the Purchase Order.  

Expedited Shipping

Crash Data Group is located in Southern California and operates in the Pacific Time Zone. United States and Canada residents may place orders anytime online by ordering directly through our online CDR product catalog.

Crash Data Group uses FedEx for all of its shipping requirements. As a service of FedEx, we also offer expedited shipping if you need a product overnight or 2-day. The cut-off time for expedited shipping is 1 PM PST. In addition, it is best to contact Crash Data Group about your expedited shipping needs as there are some products that could be on back order.

Returns / Refunds

Crash Data Group does not accept returns on any hardware. If you have ordered an item by mistake and it has not shipped, please contact Crash Data Group immediately. There will be a 5% cancelled order fee. If you have ordered a CDR hardware item by mistake and it has already shipped, the hardware must be returned within 30 days of purchase in its original, unopened package. There will be a 20% return and restocking fee and the customer must cover the shipping costs of the item(s) being returned to Crash Data Group. If the item has been opened and/or used, Crash Data Group will not accept the return. Although defective CDR products are a rare occurrence, if you believe you have a defective product, please contact Bosch Technical Support: 855-267-2483. Crash Data Group does not handle defective product claims.

Return Address: (do NOT ship defective items to this address)
Crash Data Group
42206 Remington Avenue
Temecula, CA 92590

Crash Data Group does not accept any returns on software purchases once the software has been issued.

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